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I returned home after my months living in the dorm for school, I was so exhausted I fell asleep really earlier. My mom helped me clean my dorm before we returned home... It was so stressful because we found a dead bug that was like 2 inches long. This is the second time I've found a dead bug in my room. On one hand, ew, on the other hand at least it was dead.     

My first semester of school was incredibly busy but it was great! I didn't have much time for the internet because of it, even some of my net friends noticed my absence. It didn't feel that long because of how busy I was but I guess it really was a good amount of time I was too busy with school. I feel like I learned a lot from school, it was great. I met a lot of people it was great! I wish I gotten more of their art contact info to show them off.

I do have :iconkeikokup: Her art is great! and she's super sweet! She was really inspiring to me in many ways, and it was really nice to meet another Christian artist. Even when talking to my mom about school in General she would quote the Bible 'Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.' and I think that was true this semester in many ways. I felt meeting Keikocup that maybe I could be more vocal about my Faith too, and then with art being with other artists we could all help each other improve.

I think one of the best parts of school was how much work I got done, and how much I learned by getting work done. I used to like winging it when drawing comics but because of the work I did for school I found how useful pre-writing a script is. I think i can still wing it on short stuff but if I really want to utilize space and layout prewriting a script is a must. I still struggle with simplifying things for smaller panels though but I'm slowly getting used to it. Another big thing I learned was how to make mini comics / zines! That was super useful. I had previously used a printing company that ruined my art with their print job and I felt stuck, but now I know how to create the books myself. I hope to make a bunch more soon~! And while on this topic if you have been following my Twitter (… You will have seen my tweets about the 2 mini comic/ zines I made! 

I have 2, one Original story about a Witch and a Prince who she turns into a frog (… ) and My take on a couple Fairy Tales (… ). I'll be Opening PreOrders soon but I still need to finish printing and binding some of the copies and won't be able to finish until the school opens back up in January. So Expect a Jan. 15th Release date. I'll be posting more info soon, when I'm ready to start taking pre-orders.


On a sadder note, my  Grandfather passed away last week. I'm still in shock, it doesn't feel real. I still expect to see him again. I'm holding it together pretty well but sometimes when I think about not seeing him again I just break down. I remember the last time I spoke to him he asked me about school and I hadn't started yet so I wasn't able to tell him. I thought at Christmas I could have told him and showed him and grandma all the work I did. I just regret not talking to him more.
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I'll say it again my twitter is great way to keep up to date with my projects as I post a bunch of W.I.P.s there. I just posted pictures of my Zines there I have two Zines coming out soon on StorEnvy (but you can see more pics on my twitter)
F.L.A.G Saint Tail by MagicalSakura
F.L.A.G Saint Tail
:iconoceantann: Said it was okay to post my contribution to her now out of print Magical Girl Art Book F.L.A.G. So here it is~!

I drew Saint Tail because she really was what made me fall in love with manga. Saint Tail was the first manga I bought and read, and  will forever have a warm fuzzy place in my heart.

HW: Dialogue by MagicalSakura
HW: Dialogue
Homework was about Dialogue, but I used it as a chance to draw some of the characters from the game I'm working on(barely because school work is killing me) and holiday themed... Haha... I made it in time for Halloween but I didn't get around to scanning it until today. I was really swamped with homework that week so I didn't get a good establishing shot in. 

If you were following my Twitter (… I actually did post a picture of it in time for Halloween. 

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